CASE STUDY: Coastal Living Ecuador

Ecuador beachfront real estate and daily living on the central coast 

Self-hosted case study demos retain a snapshot of my work, regardless of client changes. With full permission. All my sites have been fully custom from discovery to blank canvas to finished deliverable, no stock themes used ever.

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The Work

I performed a voice of customer (VoC) report for CLE:  their ideal customers were having in-depth conversations about buying property on the coast of Ecuador in online forums.

Many of the best strategic decisions and final content for the site came from that report.

We held remote meetings to explore their business needs and goals.

I used what we discovered to design a UX site map that planned the structure and site pages for the newly merged site design.

I thoroughly reviewed the websites of their closest competitors developing and selling property along the Ecuador coast.

Then I performed keyword research and planned the new site structure as a semantic silo for easy Google scanning and indexing.

I used keyword research data and the UX site map to design a siloed site structure.

We targeted ‘ecuador beachfront real estate’ as their main site keyword, then used  other relevant keywords in a hierarchy. This built Google ranking power into the site.

We explored their company identity, vision and unique value over Google Meet. We also explored their customers problems, desires  and goals.

This in combination with the VOC research is how we found effective messages for the website and marketing.

I used VOC content and our brand strategy documents – along with best-practice conversion copywriting principles – to write carefully strategized copy for each branded site page.

I sequenced the brand messages and other text content on each page to tell their story clearly and guide the visitor down the page to contact CLE.

I designed logos for both sites. Then I used the final logo designs as guides for choosing fonts, colors and other visual themes for each brand.

I used Elementor Page Builder to custom build the new site matching our strategy, brand and content plans.

I coached CLE and answered their questions through the entire business relationship.

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Visual Brand

CLE Brand Logos

LRM Brand Logos

Color Palette


Coastal Living Ecuador began receiving compliments on their beautiful new website immediately after launch.  Interested prospects began contacting them within the first month.

Using strategy I developed from a thorough Keyword & Competitor Research – I targeted keywords that their best prospects are using in their market to find properties like theirs.

A year or two after the initial site build, they hired me to create a new brand and site subsection for another CLE community: Villas Punta Vista.

"Josh is very easy to follow with his step by step formula of building and creating a complete brand from logo to website. His knowledge of branding and getting your website to stand out is bar none. His formula is proven and he fills in the blanks with your information. I found it very easy to work with him and look forward to having him our team whenever the need arises!"
Ben Norton
Coastal Living Ecuador

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