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"Live your life every day in a more balanced way"

I'm Barbara Gagliardi, a certified holistic healer in Orlando and surrounding areas of Central Florida

With my guidance, you can find your own inner strength and confidence to feel good every day.  

Learn to truly love yourself and find your way back to your original state of perfection


Holistic healing encompasses therapeutic, integrative and spiritual alternatives that are designed to work together to create the best pathway for each person’s’ mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

I am here to assist you in opening your awareness to align and connect with your best self.

Get in touch for a free consultation, or just to talk. I'm here to listen!

About Barbara

I’m a certified Master Metaphysician that offers holistic healing therapies in Orlando and Central Florida to those open to growth, clearer vision, and purpose.

Holistic healing is all about the person as a whole: the integration of body, mind, and spirit.

My practice encompasses therapeutic, integrative, and spiritual alternatives designed to work together to create the best pathway for each unique individual’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Email for a free consultation or just to talk.  I’m here to listen!

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