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You're the expert on your business

Creating a quality website that attracts the kinds of customers and clients you deserve is a collaborative process … because you’re the expert on your business.  

Your site and marketing needs your unique insights to represent you powerfully and persuasively to all of the people that want what you have to offer searching ‘out here’ online.   

I have the clear process and skills to bring it all together

I have a clear and innovative process  of working together remotely online.   We can fit your project into your busy schedule to make a challenging process as efficient and fun as it can be.

My methods of working make sure that I have all the clear, complete and compelling content from you that I need to design and build a website that speaks to your ideal customers and earns their business.

Are you ready to make this happen?

I have the experience with modern web technology and online marketing to produce great results.  My methods aren’t a good match for everyone though.

So read this page to see what you’ll need to bring to the table. If it sounds like you … hit the ‘Apply Now’ button at the bottom of this page.

I’m looking forward to learning about your project!

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Some Frequently Asked Questions...

You can learn about my innovative, collaborative web design process here.

The time it takes to get it done depends on:

1) How large and complex your site will need to be, and

2) Your ability to work with me to get quality content ready

A full Custom WordPress site takes  6 to 10 weeks, depending on the size of the site and assuming you’re consistent and motivated to do your part throughout the process. 

The #1 reason web projects get delayed comes down to clients not deciding on content and/or not providing it on time (see the next question about content).

A Responsive WordPress Reboot takes 4 to 6 weeks depending on how large and complex your existing website is, and how much additional work you’d like to have done. ‘Rebooting’ your website to modern standards takes less time than a full Custom WordPress site because I need less participation and content from you.

The answer is ‘Yes! However…’

Websites that are attractive, persuasive and earn you business need to be designed around clear, complete and compelling content. That means I need to have a good idea of what that content is before the site is fully designed and built.

Many business owners have the content for a great website ‘in their head’. However, they’re focused on their own specialties. They don’t have experience writing and creating effective web content. They aren’t aware of all of the requirements and best strategies for translating business insights into a website that earns them business.

That’s why I’ve developed an innovative collaborative process to work with you online to get those insights and content out of your head.  I take what you provide me in our strategy sessions – I professionally edit it into clearly understood web content – then I design your website and all of its pages around that.

Yes! I can do complete visual branding for your website.

I include 3 logo variations as part of our full Custom WordPress Website packages :

  • Main Banner Logo – the rectangular company logo, usually for the top of the site
  • Badge Logo – a square logo for an alternative logo, social media, and ad placement
  • Favicon – the little brand graphic that shows up in a browser tab when someone visits your site

I can also create logos as an upgrade to any of my other packages, including my Responsive WordPress Reboots. You can also hire me for logo design as a standalone service.

Of course!  All the sites I design and build look and work great on all modern devices:  Android, iPhones, iPads and all other major manufactures and screen sizes. It’s a requirement for all modern websites.

Absolutely. Educating and coaching you to understand your website and how to perform essential tasks in plain English is a huge part of everything I do. I’ll train you using video chat with screen sharing, so you can follow along visually.

I’m also available to continue as your consultant and web partner after your new site is online with an Ongoing WordPress Care Plan.

Yes. I’m not a web hosting company. However, I’ll professionally launch your site on your existing provider or recommend a reliable and affordable one if you don’t have one yet.

I will also help you choose and purchase a domain name if you don’t already have one.

Yes!  I can design build your custom e-commerce store from scratch using WordPress and Woocommerce.  

I specialize in carefully structuring your website for Google Search (SEO) and optimizing the content on every page to be competitive in your keyword space and easily indexed by Google.

I also focus on setting up and branding your most essential online marketing channels to attract ideal prospects to your site and have opportunities to convert them into customers.

However, I don’t provide ongoing paid advertising campaigns and management such as Google Adwords (PPC) or Facebook Advertising at this time. 

I can professionally set up and optimize the social media profiles of your choice, including visual styles and brand images, as a standalone service or as a part of a more complete package of services.

I will also educate and coach you on best practice social media strategies and techniques.

However, I don’t currently strategize and manage ongoing social media campaigns at this time. 

So if you've been nodding along with this...and you're ready to bring what you have to the table...