CASE STUDY: Holistic Healing Orlando

Helping you nurture a healthier, more balanced state of being 

Self-hosted case study demos retain a snapshot of my work, regardless of client changes. With full permission. All my sites have been fully custom from discovery to blank canvas to finished deliverable, no stock themes used ever.

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The Work

We did a full exploration of her business needs and goals together, along with a thorough data discovery to ensure the new site had all necessary information and pages.

Then I created a UX site map to map all structural relationships between the new site pages.

I thoroughly reviewed her closest competitors in her keyword space to find how to make her stand out in her market.

Keyword research revealed the best phrases to use for the new pages, as well as how to structure the site for Google indexing.

I developed an SEO silo site structure using the keyword research and the UX site map as guides.

Now the site shows strong topic relevance to Google and targets the most relevant keywords for her services and subject matter.

We met regularly on Google Meet to explore her business identity, vision and values. We also explored her ideal client’s problems, needs and goals.

Then I used what we uncovered to find the most compelling brand messages for onsite and online marketing.

I wrote the site content centered around her core brand messages, and worked with her to write and edit additional text into each page using conversion copywriting best practices.

Each page has a sequence of easy to read messages that tell her story and guide the reader down the page, answering each of their questions in turn to inspire them to reach out and contact Barbara.

I used what she gave me in our Brand Strategy meetings to update the heart-themed visual brand from the old site with lighter, pastel colors and a brighter feel.

I used Elementor Page Builder and GeneratePress theme to custom build the new site to match our strategy, brand and content plans.

Then I launched the site online using a thorough security, backup, performance and SEO checklist.

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Visual Brand

Custom Brand Logos

Custom Brand Icons

Color Palette


Throughout the project, I was happy to educate, coach and answer Barbara’s questions as I helped her understand her new website. This continues in our ongoing business relationship.

Barbara has received high compliments on the professionalism and overall feel of her new website as soon as it was launched. It’s been bringing her more business and moving up the Google ranks ever since.

"I had a website that was visually pleasing, however it was not bringing me any business. Josh explained the course of action in detail: everything we needed organize and set up my site. He has a unique way of putting everything together in way that makes sense. Josh is a listener and developer all in one"
Barbara Gagliardi
Holistic Healing Orlando

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