The Clear101 Web Design Process

My innovative, collaborative web design process:

Your participation in the strategy and design process for a full Custom WordPress site means attending scheduled remote video conferences each week.  

We’ll schedule the meetings for times when you’re available to sit at a computer with a strong internet connection and have a focused conversation about your business.  

Meetings are usually 1 to 2 hours.  For an accelerated time frame we can do 2 meetings per week as schedules permit. You’ll need to attend more meetings at the beginning stages of the project, then less often when the project reaches the stage where I’m building it.

You will work with me directly on the steps marked below with an asterisk

Your direct participation is needed for: First Consultation – Kickoff & Onboarding – Data Discovery – Brand Strategy, and – Content Questions Sessions. All other steps without the asterisk only need your feedback and approval.

Josh is very easy to follow with his step by step formula of building and creating a complete brand from logo to website. His knowledge of branding and getting your website to stand out is bar none. His formula is proven and he fills in the blanks with your information. I found it very easy to work with him and look forward to having him our team whenever the need arises!
Ben Norton
Coastal Living Ecuador

We’ll use some free,  easy to use web and smartphone applications to work together and communicate remotely, efficiently and fast. I’ll get you up to speed using them like a pro in no time!

All of these applications come with desktop versions as well as excellent iPhone and Android apps.

Some additional process notes

The above steps show the complete series necessary for me to design and build a full Custom WordPress Website from the ground up for you. However:

In practice every step is not always needed for every project

For instance: in the case of a Responsive WordPress Reboot, much branding and content strategy work is unnecessary. That’s because I use the content from your current site to build your new one. This speeds up your site launch schedule while earning you a significant discount on your investment.

Although the steps above are listed in order – some steps take place simultaneously

For instance: I use Style Tiles to start creating visual brand ideas and site elements as soon as I have enough to work with from our Brand Strategy sessions. This also speeds up the process quite a bit.

In general:

So ...

If you can see yourself getting onboard this process to get your online business working right: