CASE STUDY: The Coluccio Group

Luxury Real Estate Sales in Orlando Florida

Online Business Discovery

We discussed their goals as new agents in Orlando luxury real estate. I researched the online presence and strategies of their colleagues and competitors. I discovered which social networks and online real estate profiles might regularly provide them the best leads.

Keyword & Competitor Research

After I thoroughly researched the keyword space around Orlando real estate, I found that competition for organic Google SEO was extremely high. Although they will not pursue content marketing as a strategy for now, the keyword research revealed important marketing insights.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although they are not targeting Google SEO traffic right away, I still plan, design and build all of my client websites to Google standards regardless. This is because the criteria Google uses to rank competing websites and pages are the same criteria that - when followed - make for great websites.

Brand Strategy

The brand strategy for The Coluccio Group came from researching their colleagues and competitors, understanding and applying Premier Sotheby’s International Realty® brand guidelines along with Craig and Alexa's ideas and preferences.

Web Copywriting & Editing

The copy for the initial Coluccio Group website and marketing came from my brand meetings with Craig and Alexa. As new agents in a competitive market, they only needed a few critical brand messages and paragraphs of text to get their story started.

Conversion Driven Page Layouts

The initial Home page for the Coluccio group is designed to introduce the visitor to The Coluccio Group, give them the essential value proposition at the page top, guide them down the page to some attractive luxury real estate listings, and encourage them to contact using the form at the bottom.

Visual Brand Design

Once Craig and Alexa settled on The Coluccio Group as their brand name, I created their visual brand - logos, fonts, colors, and graphic assets and applied them to the website.

Custom Site Coding

I used Elementor Page Builder and GeneratePress theme to custom build the site I launched the site online using a security, backup, performance and SEO checklist & report.

Consultation, Coaching & Site Care

All throughout the project I was happy to educate, coach, and assist Craig and Alexa with their questions about their new website and online marketing profiles.

Custom Brand Logos

Custom Brand Icons

Color Palette

Craig and Alexa now have a beautiful branded website for The Coluccio Group that establishes them professionally and credibly in their competitive market.

They also have the brand assets (logos, fonts, colors, graphics) they’re using for all online and offline marketing efforts.

I optimized a branded Facebook profile and Linkedin account for them, as well as branding and optimization for important real estate profiles in their industry.

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