CASE STUDY: Villas Punta Vista

Magnificent Pacific Ocean Views in Montanita Ecuador

Online Business Discovery

We held a series of meetings to learn about the new Villas Punta Vista project and what they would need to properly promote it. Because this was an expansion to the existing Coastal Living Ecuador website, most of the requirements had to do with branding and finalizing project information and specs.

Keyword & Competitor Research

I did Keyword and Competitor research to position the new project against other condominium developments along their stretch of Ecuador coastline. By auditing the websites of their closest competitors, I could clearly see the essential information prospects would need to make their project appealing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword research revealed 'montanita ecuador real estate' as the most accurate, highest volume target keyword in their market. Because the Villas Punta Vista page is an expansion to the existing Coastal Living Ecuador site, it's built into a site that already has strong SEO optimization and is ready to integrate new pages into that structure.

Brand Strategy

Much of the work on this site involved brand strategy. We needed to define everything that was special and unique about Villas Punta Vista versus their competition. This new development has a lot of unique and exiting features beyond the magnificent views of the Pacific and beautiful location.

Web Copywriting & Editing

The meetings with the partners in brand strategy sessions gave me much of the content I needed to build them a beautiful expansion to their website. Because Villas Punta Vista is a new development under construction, many of the details of the units and marketing were worked out during these meetings.

Conversion Driven Page Layouts

The page layout of the Villas Punta Vista home page is designed to tell a complete - yet compact - story of the new development, guide the visitor down the page, and encourage them to reach out and contact Coastal Living Ecuador using the form at the bottom of the page.

Visual Brand Design

The Villas Punta Vista's visual brand was designed to compliment the existing Coastal Living Ecuador and La Reserva Manabi community brands that we created for them previously. The color scheme with shades of green and orange, along with the iguana mascot 'coat of arms' logo give it a related yet distinct vibe.

Custom Site Coding

I used the Elementor Page Builder and GeneratePress theme to custom build the new page using the plans I developed from the strategy, branding and content work.

Consultation, Coaching & Site Care

All throughout the project I was happy to educate, coach, and assist Coastal Living Ecuador with their questions and concerns and continue to do so in our ongoing business relationship.

Custom Brand Logos

Custom Brand Icons

Color Palette

The Villas Punta Vista home page promotes the new development beautifully.  They’ve received a lot of compliments on their new brand and promotions, and began talking to contacts from the form at the bottom of the new page within days after we published it online.

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