CASE STUDY: W.O. Danielson Construction

Building Denver with excellence & integrity since 1961 

Self-hosted case study demos retain a snapshot of my work, regardless of client changes. With full permission. All my sites have been fully custom from discovery to blank canvas to finished deliverable, no stock themes used ever.

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Old Site - Vs. - New Site

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New Site
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The Work

Most of WOD’s business came from B2B relationships, government contracts and local networking.  So they were unconcerned with keyword targeting their pages.

Regardless, making every page SEO optimized and ready for focused keyword targeting was part of my standard contract.’

Using text from the About page, I found their value proposition, competitive differences and tagline. Then I reworked the text and distributed brand messages to other appropriate pages.

This made their value clear, complete and compelling and communicated their brand in the best possible light across the entire site.

I carefully sequenced content on each page so the company value proposition shone through, messages were easy to understand and guided the visitor down to the conversion goal: a contact form CTA.

Using their existing logo as a guide, I created updated horizontal banner, square badge and favicon versions.

I re-used their existing color scheme and Roboto fonts, but updated the overall look and feel while maintaining consistency with their existing brand heritage.

I used Elementor Page Builder and GeneratePress Premium theme as the foundation to build the new site to modern responsive standards.

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Visual Brand

Rebooted Brand Logos

Custom Brand Icons

Color Palette


W.O. Danielson received a modern responsive site that represented them professionally and credibly online. They were very happy with the results and the discounted rate they paid:

I was able to reuse, edit and transform existing content. And they had no need for online business strategy, additional copywriting,  marketing integrations or coaching.  So this reduced their costs.

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